Adjucating Officer u/s 27 of Energy Conservation Act,2001

Power of Adjudicating Officer :

For the purpose of adjudging Section 26 , The Sate Commission shall appoint any of its member to be an Adjudication Officer for holding an inquiry in such manner as may be prescribed by the Central Government , after giving any person concerned a reasonable opportunity of being heard for the purpose of imposing penalty. 

While holding an inquiry , the Adjudicating Officer shall have power to summon and enforce the attendance of any person acquainted with facts and circumstances of the case to give evidence or produce any document which in the opinion of the Adjudicating Officer , may be useful for or relevant to the subject-matter of the enquiry , and if , so such inquiry , he is satisfied that the person has failed to comply with the provision of any of the clauses of the sections specified in Section 26 , he may impose such penalty as he thinks fit in accordance with the provisions of any of those clauses of that Section.

Provided that where a State Commission has not been established in a State , the Government of that State shall appoint any of its Officer not below the Rank equivalent to a Secretary dealing with legal affairs in that State to be an Adjudicating Officer for the purpose of this Section and such Officer shall cease to be an Adjudicating Officer immediately on the appointment of an Adjudicating Officer by the State Commission on its establishment in that State. 

Provided further that where an Adjudicating Officer appointment by a State Government ceased to be an Adjudicating Officer , he shall transfer to the Adjudicating Officer appointed by the State Commission all matters being adjudicated by him and thereafter the adjudicating Officer appointed by the State Commission shall adjudicate the penalties on such matters.