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  • Notification for Draft Regulations -TERC (Methodology for determination of Green Open Access Charges )Regulations 2023 and (Multi Year Distribution Tariff) Regulations, 2023 . (1)  word_icon new_icon
  • Draft- TERC MYT Regulation-2023  word_icon new_icon
  • Draft Regulation for Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission (Methodology for determination of Green Energy Open Access Charges)-2023  word_icon new_icon
  • Final Order in the matter of Procurement of 100 MW ISTS connected Solar Power from SECI’s manufacturing linked Solar Scheme by TSECL  word_icon new_icon
  • Daily order 03 of 2023 dated 27.01.2023   word_icon new_icon
  • Annual Report For The FY 2019-2020  word_icon new_icon
  • TERC Supply Code Regulation 3rd Amendment  word_icon new_icon
  • Electricity Tariff Order 2022-23  word_icon new_icon
  • Notice for State Advisory Committee Meeting on 18.08.2022  word_icon new_icon
  • Order No 10 dt 08.08.2022 regarding Immediate electricity connection in various DTW projects under Chawmanu R. D. Block for public interest.  word_icon new_icon
  • Notification-2nd Amendment of Miscellaneous Provisions Relating To Petitions Fees Etc.) Regulations 2022  word_icon new_icon
  • ORDER NO. : 3 of 2022In the Matter Of Construction of MLA Hostel at Capital Complex Agartala West Tripura /SH: Extension H.T /L.T line , deposit work byTSECL   word_icon new_icon
  • Order No: 1Of 2022In the matter of: Reduction in Power Supply” for default of Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd (TSECL) in making payment of outstanding dues towards Tr. Charges. to PGCIL  word_icon new_icon
  • Technical Validation in the matter of Bidhyut Bandhu Mobile App of TSECL on Electricity Bill  word_icon new_icon
  • Consumer Prepaid Metering Regulation 2021  word_icon new_icon
  • Order No : 8 of 2021 against application for solar photovoltaic system under net metering arrangements at Ramkrishna Mission, Dhaleshwar, Agartala .   word_icon new_icon
  • Order No 4 of 2021 For FPPCA claimed by TSECL  word_icon new_icon
  • Annual Report for the year 2018-19  word_icon new_icon
  • Order No 28 in connection with Review Petition No: 13 OF 2020 for Review of MYT Tariff Order 2020-21  word_icon new_icon
  • Order No 17 of 2020 Determination of Levelised tariff (PM KUSUM)  word_icon new_icon
  • Order No. 24 of 2020 dated 24th Nov '2020 for Filling of Review Petition by Airport Authority of India M.B.B Airport, Agartala for “Permission for Net Metering facility for new 2.0 MWp Solar Power Plant at MBB Airport Agartala”  word_icon new_icon
  • Order No 23 of 2020  word_icon new_icon
  • Order No. 7 dt 05-05-2020  word_icon new_icon